How to not mark-as-read?

Is there a way to prevent messages from being marked-as-read automatically when selected?


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Its part of the settings for each account.

  • Open ‘Settiings’ from the three lines menu
  • Select the account you want to change
  • Select 'Reading mail`
  • Untick the ‘Mark as read when opened’ checkbox

I … must be a boomer, or blind, or I am running an older version of the webmail somehow, because I can’t find it, xD

I have another webmail provider that uses Nextcloud as well, and rainloop settings are somewhat different over there.

Do you mind taking a screenshot? maybe I do need to upgrade something.


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Sorry - I assumed you were talking about the Mail app on the phone. I have no idead how to do what you want in NextCloud / Rainloop as I never use that.