How to play Audiobooks m4b from iTunes?

Hi I’m looking for a way to play Audiobooks that has been bought on iTunes a couple of month ago. The format is m4b and I tried to play it with Audio Anchor from fdroid. But it doesn’t start.

How can I play thoses files on my eOS Fairphone 3?
How can I convert them so that I can keep the file properties (Pause, bookmarks etc…)?
What can I do to play those files?

Thanks for the help

acutely I would also like to play m4a files, but these I can convert to mp3, easily I believe.

No official way, because the are DRM protected. You can search the web for converting the files to unprotected files. But you have to know, that’s not legal.

Okay I understand. But to make it clear, those files belongs to us because we bought them. So that why I’m looking for a way to use them in the new evironment.

As @NoName161 said, there is only little chance to play these m4b’s because of DRM.
They will only play in iTunes on an iTunes certified device.
That you bought them and so they belong to you and what rights you have now is something you could discuss with Apple :wink:.
You could try to play them with VLC or rename them to m4a but if they are DRM protected, this will not help either.

Quick duckduckgo search with lazy search terms: m4b to m4a drm

…and you have some results, seems that you had to rely on paid apps to get rid of DRM.

About pause, bookmark etc. I think you better find audiobook player which offers those options. I haven’t actually tried DRM free audiobooks with android. Years ago with SailfishOS the trick was not use music player, but audiobook player which has bookmarks etc.

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