How to prevent involuntary call

sometimes (too often) call to some contact start from my phone.
I’m looking for app to stop this or if you can show me a simple way to stop it.

Thank you


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How does this happen? Please describe the situation in more detail.

I’m not sure! I think I accidentaly press the number before the screen goes locked!
so I need somethings that lock all the contact on the screen! (Or Inhibit the use of screen keyboard)

Screen time-out can be set shortly :

yes, I’ve set it on 15 seconds. I hope it is enought

… also, if you touch the power button, does the screen go off and lock?

There is no time to stop and dream with such a short timeout. I mostly remember to switch off when I finish with the device. I have

Settings > Display > Advanced > Tap to sleep > ON