How to purchase a paid app

I’m running into difficulty purchasing a paid app to use on my /e/ phone. I’ve installed the Aurora Store and signed in with a Google account, but I still need to purchase the app. If I go the Google Play Store on a web browser, then I can’t purchase the app, because “You don’t have any devices”. The long explanation is “This Google account is not yet associated with a device. Please access the Play Store app on your device before installing apps”.

Apart from connecting to the Play Store from a non /e/ phone, is there any way to purchase the app so that I can download it from Aurora?

I figured out a way to do this. My solution was to was to run Android-x86 on my laptop and connect it to a Google account. Once I did that I was able to purchase the app over the web from the Google Play Store. Then I installed the app from Aurora.


What app?

Hi @FairphoneHulk. It was the paid app (LeafSpy Pro) referenced in the original post.

But it turns out I spoke too soon. Because the PlayStore app is not actually installed on my phone, the paid app I installed just reverts to the free version. Argh! I think other people on this forum have encountered this, but I hoping it wouldn’t happen for this app.

Did you already try to report this to the developer?

[Is it actually this?] My Nissan Leaf .com

Hi @aibd. I did report this, and he said that you just need to have the Google PlayStore app installed on you phone to make it work. See the response below. I’ve written to him again to confirm, but I think this is probably the situation.

That happens when PlayStore is not able to validate the purchase. Be sure you are logged into the Play Store app on your phone with the email address you used to purchase LeafSpy Pro. The Play Store app will also need an internet connection to complete the validation. The results are cached so you don’t always need an internet connection.

FYI, the app is the LeafSpy, the link you referenced is the Nissan Leaf Forum, so they are related but not the same. :grin:

Did you try loging in to your Google account with aurora store?
Im not sure if this works, i never had the neccesity to do this. Just an idea.

Hi @mehoranto. Yes, I did. This is how I was able to download the paid app: first pay for it on the PlayStore web site, then log in through Aurora and download/install it. The problem is that it won’t actually run on my /e/ phone without the PlayStore app installed. The app developer confirmed to me that this is the case: “The Play store app validates the purchase.”