How to re-activate pre-installed apps such as Open Camera?

Hej there.
I deactivated the app Open Camera because this app showed errors with the camera. So I installed other camera apps with the hope I can properly take pictures. Meanwhile I know that I have to enable “Camera 2 API” in the settings of Open Camera, so I wanted to active and re-try it. Now my app store doesn’t let me install it. It shows the app OC and the button “Open” next to it but it’s not possible to press it neither find anything in the settings of the app store like “Re-activate apps” or whatever.
Does anybody know this kind of problem and can help?

Hi Heroltx,

Could you tell us what you did to deactivate the Open Camera app please?

as long as I remember it right (!) I swiped it to the screen part which says “Deinstall”. I mean there is the other possibility of “Remove”. So one of the two options I have definively chosen. (in my case it’s ‘Deinstallieren’ und ‘Entfernen’)

Hum OK, sorry I won’t be able to help you because on my phone I can’t deactivate or remove /e/ stock apps.

As you can see on my screenshot only the apps I installed can be deleted.

Thanks for trying to help. I have a totally different surface. I also don’t get why stock apps can be deinstalled.

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wait a little, a plain e without prebuilds will come. But by the way, I don’t know any rom where you can remove the default apps.

If you want delete a default app, boot in recovery, mount /system, open twrp file manager, go to /system/apps. There you will find all apps and you can delete the apk.

And now t your starting question: If an app get’s lost, flash e over top again without any wipe. Than all apps should be available again

I have a fairphone 3 (first releases - on android) and got a tech to change it to E and I was enjoying the Open Camera preinstalled and when I adjusted the settings to how I wanted it crashed. Now I can’t get into the app or uninstall all it reinstall it.
I know there’s gotta be a way how but I don’t know >.<

In device settings / apps I would try wipe storage / cache if open camera and (bliss) launcher
But when wiping launcher storage you will.loose all your launcher settings like folders, arrangements

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In case clearing Storage and Cache of the Camera App and Bliss don’t do the trick …

If you still can get the tech to do stuff for you, ask to enable USB debugging, then adb shell pm uninstall the camera package, then adb shell cmd package install-existing the camera package, then disable USB debugging.

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I am on FP3 with preinstalled /e/. My camera app crashes systematically in DRO and HDR modes. I already cleared storage and cache (of camera and bliss). In recovery mode mount system option is available but doesn’t work (when I select it nothing happens).

Where do I do this ?

That’s a know issue of opencamera and in github an issue is created

Thank you AnotherElk. I succeeded in uninstalling the app. :slight_smile:
To replace it, I used F-droid and simply installed open camera.

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Thanks for the prompt response, Harvey186.
Why isn’t mount system from recovery mode working on my FP3 ?

Could it be that TWRP is on slot a and system on slot b ? There are commands to activate the right slot, but I don’t know because I’m only owning a-only devices, sorry

/e/ on the Fairphone 3 uses the LineageOS recovery as stock recovery, not TWRP. (I guess because TWRP is not needed for installing /e/ on the Fairphone 3.)
TWRP can be booted or installed by the user, though.

On A/B devices both slots have a system partition. In fact, both slots have their own instance of every partition apart from the data partition, which both slots share.

Here’s more on the sense behind it all …

Yes, that’s what we all are knowing. But the question is, how to mount the active system slot

The slot is not set by mounting the system partition …

In Fastboot Mode:
To see which slot is active currently … fastboot getvar current-slot
To set the active slot … fastboot --set-active=a or fastboot --set-active=b

The currently active slot is shown in the Reboot menu. The active slot can be set there, too.

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