How to reinstall my "old" Android apps from Play Store, e.g. Threema, on a new phone with /e/?

Hi everybody,

I am just trying to get my new FP3+ started with /e/. I am just a normal smartphone user with no technical background.
As far as I understand

  • I cannot install apps via Google Play on my /e/-phone. If I access my Google account I will always see the “Installed” button and cannot reinstall apps that I was using on my old phone. Correct?
  • If I want to use Threema (not Threema Work) I need to buy it again. Correct? I would not mind a few Euros, but will I get a new ID and will I be a able to access und import my backup (chats etc.) in this case?
  • Could F-Droid store and/ore Aurora store be a solution? If so, how do I download/install these Apps? I managed to install F-Droid and I did find Aurora store there, but /e/ keeps telling me that due to safety reasons I cannot install unknown apps from this source…
    I would appreciate your help, I feel lost and already wonder if I made a mistake opting for /e/ - maybe it is to complicated for me?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Annette,
I’m by far no expert and I’m relatively new to /e/ but I’ve been in your position as well so I’ll try my best to help you out

You can install the Aurora Store directly from apps, once you have it installed you’ll have to search for your ‘old’ apps in order to install them.

I haven’t used Threema but I reckon if you already have a user ID you should be able to log in normally.

I didn’t have to install F-droid, I opened ‘apps’ and searched for ‘Aurora’ and installed it without any problem. I’m running /e/ on a Samsung note 3, therefore I don’t know if there’s any difference to a FP3

Don’t think you made a mistake, yes it may be a bit more complicated but there’s plenty of information here, don’t despair : )
Hope I could help you out a bit.

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Just create a backup in Threema, store it at a secure place and do a restore in Threema after installing it on /e/OS. This will preserve your Threema ID (you might also use “Threema Safe” which you also find in Threema under settings->backup but I don’t have experience with that).


Hello Annette, you don’t have to buy Threema again. You should be able to download and reactivate your purchased licence.
To recover your licence key look HERE
to download the app look HERE
Important is to note the user ID and the appropriate password to recover your data from the online safe at Threema.
I did it serveral times - it works…

As far as repurchasing apps is concerned, it depends on the app whether or not you will have to buy it again or even if you can buy it again. There are certain paid app schemes which depend on having the Google Play store installed. Some of the apps that you cannot buy without Google Play (and which I, regrettably, had to abandon) are:

  • IsoTimer - Task and Calendaring app
  • Rocket Player - music app
  • Titanium Backup - PRO key doesn’t work and the developer cannot be contacted for an “independent” license file
  • AccuBattery - True Battery tracking app

If you are going to /e/ to get rid of Google, I have the following recommendations:

  • While I wouldn’t recommend it, you can use Hound for voice recognition, although it won’t type for you (yet). Voice recognition software ALWAYS communicates with online servers to translate your speech - the software to do that locally on your phone is very rudimentary.
  • I recommend Hacker’s keyboard for typing - keyboards with predictive typing have the same issue as voice recognition software. Hacker’s keyboard (with its language dictionary installed) is the closest you’ll come to predictive typing without online server access, although if you do slide typing, you might want to try something else.

As far as replacing other Google apps, there are many to choose from - the apps I mention above are just suggestions.

Good luck. I’ve been on /e/ for a month and I love it. Hope you do, too!

Dear all

Thanks a lot for your quick help and advice, I really appreciate it. I already downloaded Aurora (no idea why I did not find it at first) and will now follow your instructions for reinstalling Threema.
I feel encouraged and hope e/ and I will become friends soon!

Have a nice evening!