How to reinstall the original OS

If one needs to reinstall the original Samsung OS (for example fr selling the device), how one should proceed ?

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proceed as usual :

you may want to flash Stock Vendor Firmware to your device

installation of the Stock Samsung Firmware

  • using Samsung Flashing-Tools for Windows
  • using Samsung Flashing-tools for MacOS
  • using Samsung Flashing-Tools for Linux

thank you Piero. This is very useful

I tried to reinstalled the original OS on a Galaxy S4 mini on which the e/OS was installed. I used Odin4 on linux
The installation was OK the system rebooted correctly but it does not allow me to use the phone because the screen is stuck with message ‘‘Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped’’ or ‘’ has stopped’'. What can I do ?

what command did you launch ?

I used this command
./odin4 -a I9195XXSCQA1_I9195QXZCOA1_I9195XXSCQA1_HOME.tar.md5
At the end of the flash it did not say any error.

Ok, i understand,
the problem is that the “1 file firmware” preserve the /userdata partition, it is only to update an existing SamsungOS without dataloss.
For a new install, you must use the “full” / “4 files firmware”.

Thank you. But I have no idea where I can find it. Is there any instruction to erase the data partition ?

For what country is “QXZ” code ?

No, it is automatic when you flash the 4 files firmware, it will replace the ~20 /partitions of the device.

For the code, I asked for XEF (France) version.
samwf is almost unusable. indeed it has not the code for France.

One cannot separate the single file in 4 files ?

On samfw I got again a zip with a single file.

i am used to use it (this is my daily-device)

Capture d’écran du 2024-03-25 00-31-55

you also can find it there :

Capture d’écran du 2024-03-25 00-35-38

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Thank you !

It worked very well.
I was able to reinstall the original SAmsung OS

If i were you,
i keep the s4miniLTE as a rescue device,
sold it 30€ is not an interresting gain enought.
or i sold it within android 11, cause android 4.4.2 is inusable…

You are absolutely right. I use it only as training device. As I am not yet familiar with e/OS. In any case I have another s4mini with e/OS unsupported version which I use everyday and it works very well.

All the best

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