How to remouve ecloud obsessive warnings that I"m using 60% of my disk space?

I am used to Nextcloud instances : I use a couple ones already. More than one year ago, while installing /e/OS on various family Fairphones, I registered to and voluntarily paid for a space much larger than my need, just to support /e/.

Now, having such a space, I recently decided to use part of it to make some pictures available. All my son’s recent marriage pics are there for instance for access by many people.
But I now see many times a day a warning that I’m using “more than 61% of my allocated space” in a very intrusive way (for instance, splashing when having a videoconf or viewing a movie…)

→ how can I damp this setting down, for instance triggering it only at 80 or 90% of my space?

I mean, at this moment the server behavior is so catastrophic that it practically means I only can use half of the space I bought.
I know I very consciously paid for supporting /e/ mostly (I also bought a couple of phones directly from the Murena website, only my first one washand-flashed).
But indeed, discovering that out of 1Gb I should actually use no more than 500Mb is a very bad surprise once you invested the time to prepare a photo gallery there…

Any advice on this setting welcome!
Thank you,

P. S. latest Nextcloud daemon on mainline Debian linux, FWIW

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(this is a desperate ping :wink: )