How to remove encryption?

After trying out eOS for a bit on my Galaxy S9 I have decided to go back to revert back to the stock ROM. I was able to follow the instructions (at to reinstall the stock ROM. However when my phone boots it says that my device is encrypted and asks for a key. Weird, because I am certain that I never encrypted my phone…

Doing some troubleshooting I reformatted my device and reinstalled eOS using TWRP. When the fresh install of eOS booted for the first time… it automatically started to encrypt my phone! I am now able to use my phone again using eOS, but the encryption settings don’t have a method to disable or view the key. How do I remove the encryption so that I can go back to stock?

I figured it out. Posting here in case it helps anyone else.

  1. Reformat using TWRP.
  2. Reinstall eOS using TWRP.
  3. Hold Vol+, Bixby, and Power buttons when exiting TWRP. This avoids booting into eOS, which avoids the device encryption.
  4. Follow the official guide to revert back to stock ROM.
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