How to remove the Samsung warning message "bootloader is unlocked" S6 Lite


I have installed /e/ OS successfully but keep having these warning messages at each restart.
Would it be possible to remove them or skip the Samsung verification?

I found a similar topic here : [HOWTO] Remove The Unlocked Bootloader Warning | Galaxy Tab S6 lite | XDA Forums
But it explains how to change the message…nothing else.

And last question, I guess the bootloader should be kept unlocked in order to use /e/ OS, correct?

Thanks by advance and have a nice day.

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Hi @richard3134 welcome to the /e/ forum.

Correct – if it is not included in the install instructions please do not attempt to to relock the bootloader. Currently ~95% of /e/ ROMs do not support locking … and not you cannot skip verification sanely as far as I know.

For further reading there are a few posts on this subject Search results for 'relock bootloader order:latest' - /e/ community

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Actually, it would be very cool to change the “Warning: Unlocked bootloader” message to something more bolshie like:

Congratulations on escaping the Google Panopticon

Anyone know how to do this on a Sony Xperia XA2??

And, while we’re at it, to change the subsequent very annoying BRIGHT WHITE SCREEN with small black “SONY” to reversed colours - black screen, white text. This would then match the /e/ logo very nicely on the next screen, and not be so alarming when rebooting at night :wink:


I do not know if it’s sp applicable to your phone