How to Reset Original Factory OS on S7

Hi guys,

I have a Galaxy S7 on which I installed /e/OS with the easyInstaller. Now I decided to sell this phone and I would like to reset the original factory OS on it. What options do I have? Thank you in advance!


You can do it with Odin on Windows. The last firmware can be found on this website:

Thanks vlys, I tried to download it but there are no results for SF-G930F.

Ah, OK, now I got the results. Just had to wait for the autofill instead. And what about the country code? There are only options with network carriers in the version name. Is that a problem? Does this mean that the phone will only work with that network carrier or it has no meaning at all? Thanks in advance!

Just look for “Galaxy S7” or SM-930F and then select a standard firmware for your country (not related with any network carrier).

I think you could take the firmware related to your carrier or another carrier in the same country or even the same region because in the end they all follow the same norms. But in that case you may have some carrier-customizations or additional apps not easy to remove.