How to restore default tasks provider to stock Tasks app?

Not realizing that /e/OS included a CalDAV and CardDAV client by default, I installed DAVx5 extra.

Later, I wanted to return to the regular WebDAV / WebDAV Address Book accounts.

I uninstalled DAVx5 and the extra OpenTasks app I’d installed (since DAVx5 is known not to work with the default Tasks app in /e/OS.

Now, however, when I attempt to add a new WebDAV account, the screen goes dark, and something flashes once per second or so, as though something’s trying to open, but failing.

In logcat, I see the following showing up repeatedly.

11-17 16:59:56.514 25125 25150 I davx5   : [syncadapter.SyncUtils] App launched or other package (un)installed; current tasks provider = OpenTasks
11-17 16:59:56.526 25125 25150 I davx5   : [syncadapter.SyncUtils] Enabling foundation.e.tasks sync for Account {,}
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : [App] Unhandled exception!
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : EXCEPTION java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Account type not supported
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at at.bitfire.davdroid.settings.AccountSettings.<init>(AccountSettings.kt:20)
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.SyncUtils.setSyncableFromSettings(SyncUtils.kt:4)
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.SyncUtils.updateTaskSync(SyncUtils.kt:11)
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at at.bitfire.davdroid.App$onCreate$1.invoke(App.kt:6)
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at at.bitfire.davdroid.App$onCreate$1.invoke(App.kt:1)
11-17 16:59:56.527 25125 25150 E davx5   : 	at kotlin.concurrent.ThreadsKt$thread$thread$ Source:2)

Is this because OpenTasks is still set as the default tasks provider? How do I restore the stock Tasks app to be the default provider?

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I have no deeper insight, but to start from a clean slate in accounts:
can you afford to set back all account entries? can you enable adb root? if so, the entries are within


you can either browse with sqlite3 or outright delete them as root - but please make a backup of each file in case there are difficulties

I had the same. What I did:
Try to find someone with the same phone with /e/OS you have.
I downloaded the free app MLManager from Javier Santos on that phone. After opening, look at the settings to find out where the folder “Custum folder for extracted AKPs” will be found.
Extract Tasks from foundation.e.tasks. I copied it to my laptop.
I copied that APK to my own phone and extracted it. And it works.
The only difference is: as i do not have permission to enter the foundation hidden folders, I copied the APK to: emulated/0/Android/data/foundation.e.apps.
It works for me.