How to Retrive deleted file

I use 0.23 pie on Redmi Note 4
i accidentally deleted some Note files from built in File Manager.
They were very imp files.
Please show me way.
Please suggest

  1. how to gain access to the Recycle Bin
  2. Suggest some command or apk to retrieve the file

Thanks in advance

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Are you using ?

I would hope to find the notes in the recycle bin (at the foot of the list in the Files app) at that location.

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Android traditionally doesn’t have a system-wide recycle bin. Apparently there’s work being done in Android 11 and 12 in that regard …

Apps can have and manage their own recycle bin, e.g. media gallery Apps, but that doesn’t help when deleting files outside of the App.

If the cloud or a recent backup don’t save you, here’s an overview which looks reasonable at a quick glance … most importantly note that every creation of new files on your phone now might overwrite the marked-as-empty storage space where the data of your deleted files might still reside, so do as little as possible on your phone until you can get the files back or you give up …


is it possible to see those deleted files and then move them and then rename them


  • Open in your computer’s browser
  • Click the Deleted files icon (bottom of the menu pane on the left of the screen), which should take you to
  • Scroll down until you find the note file(s) you want. The files are named <note title>.md
  • Either restore them one by one using the Restore button next to the file, or select several and choose Restore from the Actions menu.
  • They will be restored to the /Notes/ folder - yo can rename them from there

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for help,
I deleted it from Internal storage and the files were created in Simple Note apk from F droid not with built in note apk.
Will I still be able to recover with above mentioned method,.

Thanks again.

I don’t think so. That method only works for files that are synched with your eCloud account. I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to recover deleted files from internal storage. Only chance would be if you had a backup (with TWRP or other tools) from before you deleted the files: you could restore that backup

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