How to revert /e/ UI changes to vanilla Android (e.g. icons under settings)

Have been using /e/ happily since about December last year on my Mi A1. But recently got an update to /e/ 0.9 and it also changed the default Android Vanilla look. The icons under settings seem to be custom /e/ icons and I dislike them. Is there a way to turn this off? I’ve never liked the default /e/ launcher, especially since it has a high iOS look and feel, but that was always easy to circumvent by installing a custom launcher. Now these design choices seem to seep through the rest of the UI. Not entirely sure why a privacy-minded Android fork would also need a different design. Wouldn’t development be better directed at privacy instead of UI? Couldn’t find anything on the forum about this.

I don’t think it can easily be reverted.

Maybe if you build the ROM yourself, you could find where the changes are in the source code and revert them.

I just updated /e/ (from the version of May to the current, the one of July on a Samsung S9+ from /e/ store) and faced this change in icons of settings. I couldn’t tell if it is more beautiful or not but there are readability problems with the new ones: they are littler, with more complex and less contrasted (white over a too bright color), and so less recognisable, shapes.

Before, a quick look got each colored shape and so the eye could target the wanted line easily, and now a quick look just gets a sequence of colors with no shape therefore no meaning (and it is more easy for me to identify shapes than colors).

I will not ask you to get old icons back (but I would be OK if you did so) because I think you have a good reason to use a new set of icons but please improve their readability.

The efforts to make the UI better is an ongoing process. You can share your suggestions on Gitlab

Done :