How to root e on Poco F1

Hi everyone, so I have e installed on my Poco F1, I also installed TWRP.
I tried to root my phone with Magisk, but when I did this from TWRP, e would no longer boot.

Any ideas on how to root?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I just did it that way and it worked for me on poco f1

What version of Magisk did you use?
Did you just save this on your phone sdcard then install from TWRP?


I think it was the latest canary build and yes thats the way. did you do a clean flash of /e/-os? Which firmware version are you running? Did you check for old remains of magisk modules and installations?

I installed TWRP, then flashed the global ROM, followed by e. Then I tried to root with Magisk.

Should I wipe e, then install magisk then e?

I used magisk 20.04, it was on my sdcard and then I tried installing from TWRP

Why do you need root ?? For what ??
When I read

I think you don’t know enough about root. Sorry, don’t want bother you. But rooting a phone makes it unsecure

E is nice enough, but there quite a few things with the build that I would like to change, mainly around default apps.

Normally I would have my ROM installed and would simply root it. With e howeve, when I try to root it just stops booting.

Another member on here advised that I had to root before installing e, which is why I asked the question.

I’m not rooting my /e/ phones - and if I do, then only for testing purposes. I remove pre-installed /e/ apps using ADB commands. Also with the “File Manager” of TWRP you can do some things without rooting your /e/ phone.

If /e/ OS is installed and to root Xiaomi Poco F1 using Magisk try this: On the TWRP home screen, tap on the Keep Read Only button to not allow system modifications.

The user has talked about root the device NOT the OS.
Rooting the device is unlocking the bootloader.

As @archjehas written, there is always a way remove a mod your OS without root.
So I would prefer to post you wishes and we will show you HowToDo without root :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback everyone, but I found that the e rom is just not fit for my needs. I moved to LineageOS with microg instead, and found a more suitable platform for my work.

Kind regrads

mhm, OK, have fun with LOS and share your personal informations with goolag and Co again :wink:

There are risks but mitigation is possible. (see

I’m comfortable rooting phones and need to do it in order to run some preferred apps.

One of hundreds of links with reasons NOT to root your device

I know,there are some reasons, like using titanium backup. But removing a system app is no.good reason.

@harvey186, The article you link to gives 5 (at a pinch) reasons for not rooting but links to 10 reasons for rooting.
There’s no right or wrong about this. It depends on one’s individual needs and level of experience.
As someone who has been coding since 1979, professionally since 1990, and practices good security hygiene I think it’s reasonable for me to root my devices. On the other hand, my girlfriend is someone whose devices should never be rooted. YMMV.


yeah, I full agree :+1:

how do you remove apps with adb?

Check the thread here