How to Root my LeEco

I have a mobile LeEco LeTV Le 2X522/X526, i think it’s the S3.
The mobile has no problem with /e/ os, it turns good
I want to root the mobile to use debian with programs that we need to be in root mode.

My questions:
1: what is the best way to root this mobile with /e/?
2: If i root the mobile, is there some problèms with the automatically upgrade?


I have no experience with rooting devices, but the LeTV Le 2 (X522, X526) has the code name “s2” and not “S3”. See

Maybe you’ll find it here:

Thanks a lot for the page
I root the phone with magisk V18, it’s was very easy.
I put the zip in the phone, i reboot in revorey mode, i install magisk with TWRP so it takes 2 minutes.



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Yes, when you know how and what app it is easy, on my phone it is “addonsu”.

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