How to "root" the S9 with /e/OS


I would like to install an application in order to control the CPU-speed.
Someone recommend me Kernel Adiutor for that use.
But the application asks for a rooted phone. Which is not the case for mine.
I have /e/OS freshly installed on my S9.
As I don’t know how to root a phone, have absolutely no experience in android and/or /e/OS, can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance

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Nowadays you just rename the downloaded apk file to a zip file and flash via recovery. Works for me with my S9.

I renamed the apk to a zip file but it did not work for me unfortunately on my S9.

I saw that Magisk use some things in the program that are not open source. Don’t know if this is very wise to install this apk…?

“Magisk Manager” install “Magisk” that allow /root only for apps you selected.

“Magisk Manager” also propose to install tons of optional hacking-modules.
As example, “MagiskHide” mask the root ability of the phone to make bank apps working.

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OK, it seems a very interesting app, but if this application 100% safe ? I’ve seen on F-droid’s description that Magisk uses some programming parts that are not open source…

Yes, tons of optional hacking-modules.

Magisk Official Documentation

I see no such wording in the F-Droid description for Magisk Manager. “This app promotes non-free add-ons” is all it says. Nothing “negative” about the app itself. Big difference from what you’re implying. An add-on is just that, something one chooses to use.

I am not a fan of Magisk in general (all of my ROMs save for one use SuperSU still) but currently Magisk is the only choice for rooting really, especially on post-Oreo ROMs. One doesn’t really have the option of being picky if you need root.


I don’t really understand how to install this program. I’ve read the procedure, but I still don’t understand.
Where to find boot.img ? is it the image of my system, or is it something related to magisk ?
Is there a risk of losing my datas ?

Is there an available step-by-step procedure in order to install it to my S9 with /e/OS ?

Can someone confirm me if rooting an S9 with Magisk requires to erase all data inside, or not ?
If not, is the installation procedure risky ?

No but often unclear

Installer l’appli “magisk-manager” sur l’appareil, c’est l’installeur de magisk et des modules.

Sur le PC, extraire le fichier boot.img provenant du même que celui installé sur votre appareil. et le copier dans le stockage interne du téléphone.

Patcher le boot.img avec l’outil de l’appli d’install magisk. (1er “petit onglet du bas”, et “installer” en haut a droite)

Rebooter en mode recovery, et installer le nouveau boot.img avec TWRP ( il se trouve dans /sdcard/download )

Ensuite redemarrer le system et dans “magisk-manager” ajouter le module "magiskhide’ (4eme “petit onglets du bas”)

Puis cocher “Ma Banque” dans la liste des applis à qui il faut mentir (2eme “petit onglet du bas”)

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This is an old thread - but, @piero I can’t resist…
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To post twice to a thread in English, in English - then declare the subject of the thread is unclear and proceed to post an answer in French is, well, just perverse… :wink:

Full instructions, in English :wink: here : Installation | Magisk or (more related to @piero 's post) here : Installation | Magisk


Sorry for my distraction, i think it was a copy/paste from another thread, and i forgot to use the “deepL-translator”


OFFICIAL Installation | Magisk instructions


Magisk configuration details :

Open Magisk settings

Image 1641578445.png

Hide the Magisk app

Image 1644064420.png

Name the app of your choice and click OK

Image 1644064425.png

Create shortcut when asked

Image 1644064862.png

Open Magisk settings again and enable Zygisk. Do not enable Enforce DenyList

Image 1644072391.png

Choose the apps you would like to hide from detection

Image 1641578481.png

Reboot to take effect.

This settings usually only work with basic detections. Before we go further, try the apps you want to use, see if it detect root or doing some strange fake bugs like connection error. If not, and you can use the apps perfectly, you do not need to hide more

If the apps are still detecting it, you need to install some modules to hide even more

You need the following modules:

How to install modules:

Go to modules tab and select Install from storage

Image 1644072998.png



Many thanks for the posts and links @piero and @smu44 - I’ll follows those up. Keep well.

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I just thought to post that I’ve solved this problem and written up the procedure here for anyone following along behind.

It works.