How to save files from my Android phone to the cloud? Can't find any options to activate

Hi everyone,

I guess I’m stupid or blind but I cannot activate any synchronisation for files to the cloud on my phone.
I have 8 options to activate for the cloud like contacts, Pictures and so on, but nothing like file/documents.

Thanks for any help.

Install the NextCloud sync client app from F-Droid. Much more configurable and less buggy than /e/’s app.

If I remember correctly, the syncing of the Documents directory is included with “Pictures and videos”.
Sometimes things will sync okay, sometimes it will take forever and a day.
Going with the above suggestion is the best bet.

Thank you both for your answers, not what I was hoping for, but at least an option to look into when the time is right.

this is a map of synced directories that includes Documents.

Are you a missing “share with cloud” option? I used the workaround of a “share to sdcard” miniapp that lets me save to the Documents folder and from there on…

(granularity for folders is coming at some point)

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