How to send an SMS from the missed call list?

Hi, Often when I get a missed call, I do not have time to call back, but would like to send a quick sms to the caller. From the favorites and contacts tags in the phone app, this is possible. Not from the missed calls however. Here it would be most useful.
I know I only need to switch tabs, search the contact and then write and send my message, but when I am in a rush (often the case when I can not take a call) these are extra steps I would like to avoid.

I have tried clicking, long clicking and swiping but with no luck. I have also looked in the sms app settings.

What am I missing?



It works for me, when I simply click on the contact name in the missing call list a menu appears from which I can select “Send a message”.


Strange, for me it directly calls the person back.
I am using a Samsung S8+
/e/ OS 0.23-20220412177701


You should probably update and switch to v1.8.1 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of the OS?
I do not think this is available for my device
Samsung Galaxy S8+

Oh, it seems you are still on Android 9 (P). Then you would need an upgrade, I don’t know if it’s available OTA for your device of it is has to be manual with probably some data wiping.

Which app are you using? Also for me stock app can ne used to send message or to call.
Contacts Simple app has the behavior you described, unless you tap the 3 dots at the right: in that case you can select to send a message.