How to setup a usb printer without OTG cable?

I saw in Setup the possibility to install a printer.
I tried to connect my oreo phone to my printer through a usb octopus. It does not recognize it.
When I try ro install a new printer on my phone, I’m asked an IP address. I saw on the net a possibility to connect a phone to a printer with an On The Go cable.
The hypothesis I do to explain that impossibility is that the phone behaves like a usb device and not a usb host.
Does anyone know any app that allows printing through usb without an OTG cable ? Does Nokoprint Wireless and USB printing do the job ?

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Wifi-Direct ?
RNIS usb ethernet + router + ethernet printer ?
Why not OTG ?

Printing via Bluetooth
If your printer and smartphone are Bluetooth-enabled, you can also print wirelessly in this way.

I would like to avoid buying any new stuff.

I am OK with using device we already have.
If OTG works for printing, that what I wasn’t sure about, it’s a good news.
In this way, If your printer don’t support Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and if your phone support OTG, OTG is a very good option/solution. an OTG adaptor cost only 5/10€ second hand or you could have it for free from friends cause many people don’t use it and it’s offer in a new phone’s package.