How to switch off ecloud synchronization?

(French version below)

I’m on Fairphone 3+, running on the latest version of /e/OS (1.1)
I’ve got a problem with ecloud synchronizaion… I’d like to switch it off (as in, I don’t want it to synchronize anything except maybe contacts) and, from what I could see on other topics, it should be possible.
However, when I go to settings>Accounts>[my e account]>synchronization; the only thing I get is a list of categories like “agenda”, “contacts” “pictures” and so on, but absolutely no toggle or any way to switch it off, the only thing that happens when I tap one of the things on the list (“pictures” for instance), is that it just synchronises it with the cloud (again) but I don’t get any other options…
Am I doing something wronf or is this a bug?

Thank you !

French :

Bonjour !
J’ai un problème concernant la synchronisation sur ecloud. J’utilise un Fairphone 3+ et la version la plus récente de /e/OS que j’ai trouvée (1.1).

Mon problème est le suivant : J’aimerai désactiver la synchronisation automatique de presque tous les fichiers. Je ne veux pas qu’il synchronise les photos sur le cloud par exemple. D’après ce que j’ai pu voir sur d’autres sujets liés à ecloud, ça devrait être possible.

Or, sur mon téléphone, quand je vais dans Paramètres>Comptes>[Nom de mon compte /e/]>Sychronisation du compte; je n’obtient pas du tout les options que d’autres personnes semblent avoir. Tout ce que j’ai, c’est une liste de certains éléments sur mon téléphone (agenda, carnet d’adresses, images et vidéo, etc), mais aucun moyen de désactiver la synchronisation sur ces éléments. Tout ce que je peux faire en appuyant sur un des éléments (“photos” par exemple), c’est synchroniser les fichiers correspondants avec ecloud (ce qu’il fait déjà de toute façon), mais impossible de trouver des options de désactivation.
Une idée de la provenance du problème ?
Merci !

Peux tu envoyer une capture d’ecran ? Normalement tu devrais avoir ces options :

Voilà. ça y ressemble, sauf que je n’ai pas les boutons verts.

Here the same, what a shame the rom seems to lack the switches to set synchrosation off.

I just started with e on oneplus 6. I needed sychronisation to copy google agenda to calendar. That takes 400MB in ecloud. After a week of making some photos, ecloud was full. I copied these to my pc and deleted all pictures on ecloud.
I want to switch sync of for pictures and videos or entirely, but I cannot.

I did switch mail to murena, but now I have to go back to other mail so i can delete the account to stop synchrosation.

Or is there another solution?

If someone doesn’t want to synchronize at all deleting the e-cloud account from the device is the most consequent and best solution. You can do this without any negative outgrowths. And you can even continue using your /e/-mail address for IMAP and SMTP as usual. You can also continue using the web interface of your e-cloud account to store files there, of course manually.

I made the experience that switching off single types of synchronization in the settings screen shown by Nicolas_Sas above can change after an OS update. Then you have all the crap again in your cloud. And you don’t even notice it.


I suggest there are two things to understand / control first.

  1. Settings > Accounts; Decide “Automatically sync data” ON / OFF
  2. Settings > Accounts > ACCOUNTS FOR OWNER > > Account sync; here the view will change depending on the setting of 1. above.

I believe 2. is intuitive when you set “Automatically sync data” ON … but perhaps experiment with syncing only “smaller space requirement” items first.


Thanks for the advise.

I did switch off automatic synchronisation at all accounts. First I did not see this option.

Manual sync to sync only a part: go to the sync page for the murena/whatsapp account and tap on the part and it will sync. But for whatsapp this is not conveniant.

I did switch auto sync on again and now I have the green options to switch on/off parts of my murena account. So I switched only mail on!

Now I have only 93MB at murena cloud.

I try to have as less on the cloud as possible to save energy of our planet…

So I switched only mail on!

I’m not sure what the Mail synchronization option here really does. (I guess it’s rather identical with the stock Mail app’s option for “background synchronization” …)

You can have a mail client of your choice (including the stock Mail app) and configure it to use the e-cloud IMAP and SMTP servers (like any other IMAP and SMTP servers). This would be nothing else than ordinary use and lead automatically to ordinary stored mail messages and attachments there, on the e-cloud IMAP server, this is how IMAP works. There’s no special e-cloud synchronization needed.

As I said above: you can completely delete the e-cloud account from your device (you don’t need it at all, I did this a long time ago) and still use the e-cloud mail servers for usual mail traffic.

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I removed my murena account from my smartphone, but did loose my contacts and calendar items I imported on my computer.

The downloaded contacts.vcf and agenda items I could not import directly on the etar-agenda app or contact app on the phone, pity.
So I added the murena account again to sync only contacts and agenda items. For mail I use spark. Is there another app for agenda and contacts which match with exported google files?

Now I have only 900kB on murena cloud!

This is a versioning problem of the vcf-file. We had this here already, don’t remember anymore, never did this import myself.

Now I have only 900kB on murena cloud!

Wait on one of the next OS updates, then you have the music files and the pictures again up there.