How to switch to 3G on FP4

Hi there! I’m really disappointed that I can’t chose to switch from 4G to 3G on my FP4. Is there any way to make it happen?

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Thank you! I tried that before, but as I didn’t see 3G on the list I thought it was not there that I had to search. So which one do I have to choose in that list so that my phone will be in 3G?

I can’t join the screenshots directly here (new user), so I’ve put them on the Telegram group:


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Hi @Natha13, didn’t watch your screenshoot but… here’s mine. If I’m nkt wrong, 3G is the first, named GSM.

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Apparently, GSM is 2G, which is bad for health, the “less worse” is 3G

Tanks, but I don’t have these options on my phone. But I think it’s too bad your system doesn’t let you have only 3G.

That’s true. WCDMA (only)?

Seems so, thank you!


so if my understanding is correct … ?

gsm = 2g
wcdma = 3g
lte = 4g
nr = 5g

and gsm / wcdma means switching between 3g and 2g depending on the availability?


It seems to be so but it would be great to have a full explanation about all the choices in the long network type list. For 3G, it seems that there are several choices, not only WCDMA, but it’s difficult to understand which is the less harmful. After a short research on the web, just entering some of the network types available, I discovered it’s complicated to see clearly what is what, because not only is there 3G or 4G but also for example 3G+ and other more complicated names!
What I would like is to know which is the less harmful and operational of course.

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Thanks! It’s very complicated for me!

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