How to sync Open Camera photographs and screenshots to /e/ Nextcloud page?

My photographs used to sync to a Photos - Open Camera folder, but now they don’t. I’ve gone through the menus both on the phone and in PC in browser in my online space on the /e/ Nextcloud.

How can I sync photos I take with the website?

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I have the NextCloud synchronisation client appp installed from F-Droid. In it’s main menu it has an item called AutoUpload. Enable it for the directory where OpenCamera stores pictures, and the pictures will be automatically uploaded to the chosen NextCloud account.

I also makes files in your NextCloud account(s*) available via the Files app.

I hope this helps.

* I have two accounts, the /e/ one, where I pay for extra storage, and a free account from that I have used for many years for contacts and calendar sync.

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Thanks. What’s weird is that it was automatically uploading to the /e/ platform before. When I write ‘Nextcloud’ I mean the space /e/ foundation gives its users for email, photos, files etc, which is based on Nextcloud.

Same issue here, some pictures were synced, now suddenly not anymore… cant remember changing anything or for that matter, setting that sync up in the first place…
so I dont get the sudden change or where I could find the settings.
Anyone with an idea?

Same issue here: I bought a new GS290 and put /e/ on it myself. The first picture I made was synced to my eCloud account.
Then syncing stopped, no idea why. All settings in Accounts seem to be good, set to sync.

Help very welcome!