How to sync phone gallery app with

Hi, I’m wondering how canI sync the two world (that, I think, are the same world)
now, if I take a photo from phone, it remain in phone and never go to cloud (in different way, agenda communicate it self)

can you helpmeet?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

After adding your /e/ ID in Settings
Settings >> User & accounts >> Your /e/ID
Tap on your ID - it would be on the top of the list in the format
Tap Account sync
This would show a list of options as seen in this screenshot

Enable the Pictures and videos option.
If already enabled toggle the option and check. The sync should happen after this. It takes some time for the images to show up on the eCloud.

I ave made this proof but photo still does not sync. Other things (like agenda, contact…)synchronize it, but photo and video doesn’t.
Do I need to made some change on th web page?

Thank you


On my device this foto/video sync function is unreliable.

As e-Drive is a NextCloud instance, you can use the official NextCloud client on your phone. This app gives you more options, even upload schedules (instantly, or only during recharging, etc…)

can you give me a link where I can look for?


I have the same issue. I use Fairphone 3. in my phones settings, it says synchronised, but nothing shows in my ecloud. only one photo which I uploaded through the Carnet app…With the calendar it works perfectly too. what may be the problem?

If not using WiFi, maybe some “data saving” tuning ?

Do you mean that I’ve to check if I use data saving?
I see that agenda sync works (I made an appointment on my phone, and I have on my and I made the on my web app and I found it on my phone)
they both communicate.
Why photo don’t?

I find sync a bit erratic - always works eventually. We have an expression “a watched pot never boils”

Maybe the sync is a low priority activity. With photos being lowest priority?

My experience is that as I go about my day, probably switching between mobile data and WiFi once or twice, sync is generally up to date - either end of day, or the next day!

I think this pot has some prob…it doesn’t boils from about one month (or more…)

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