How to turn off automatic screen on?

Hi Guys,

I would like to know how can turn off automatic turn on my screen while I’m outside and decide that I want to take phone to my hand.
What I expect is that I want to turn the screen on when I decide or at least I would love to have a choice to turn such feature on or off. Now every time I take my phone the screen is already on.

What I switched on is Settings → Gestures → Double tap to sleep and Settings → Display → Tap to wake

What I switched off already is Settings → Gestures → Lift to check phone and Settings → Display → Prevent accidental wake-up


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Hi Cooky,
I don’t know if it’s related to your problem, but the only option that I found is this: on the Settings menu, at the top (“Search in Settings”), write ‘custom restrictions’, and you will jump to this options

On some device it depends on hardware (proximity sensor, gyro).

Hi @anon38440295,

Thanks for hint. Unfortunately, I don’t have such an option :frowning:

Yeah, because you are using android 7, and there isn’t this option.

I have two phones, and on the main, I flashed the unofficial image of Pie (android 9).
The other phone is just for testing.

Try to use the unofficial image for your phone ( ) also because if it works without problem, /e/ could promote it to official supported!

I use Mi4c, there is no rom for my phone. Also I would like to be a part of developing /e/ officially, so I’m rather eager to use official build :wink: