How to uninstall PWA

Hi there!

Dumb question, how do i uninstall a PWA?
On the App lounge i can only have additional information or open it, in settings i dont see them in the list of installed apps, on desktop screen i can only drag it to change its position on screen.

I have eOS 1.17 on a fairphone 5



When you long press an app icon on the screen and let go all the uninstallable apps acquire a minus sign top right corner. Touch that minus sign to uninstall.


Oh s*** yes, that s how!


Maybe an even dumber question:

If I accidentally deleted the icon from the screen without uninstalling it (because you used Lawnchair as “home app” instead of the BlissLauncher, having now returned to BlissLauncher),

but you can still see in App Lounge that the PWA is still installed…

… how can i uninstall those PWA’s now?

How do you do it then?

You can look for system apps, then use the search bar to find PWA and clear all storage.

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You are absolutely correct!

Thank you very much Aizu!

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