How to unlock the bootloader on Fairphone 4?

I’m trying to unlock the bootloader on a Murena FairPhone 4 and it’s not working. I’m running the Calyx OS tool, and nothing is happening. There’s no specific things to do, just “run this magic software” and “it will just work”, so I have nothing to hook into.

I see that /e/ includes a custom bootloader, so I suspect that whatever the magic Calyx software is doing does not apply to the /e/ bootloader.

I don’t see an option to unlock the bootloader in fastboot, not did I find one in the /e/ bootloader.

Do I have to unlock before I install TWRP, or can I bypass this mess by installing TWRP? Reading the TWRP page, it seems like there are several new things going on that make this a royal pain in the but to work with… with little to no gain.

Please stick to official documentation … … either the Easy Installer or the manual command line install guide will tell you what to do to unlock the bootloader.

Those are basically the same thing that the Calyx tool was doing and I get about the same response. Which is precisely nothing. I used the manual adb commands.

The fasboot menu does not have an option to unlock the phone. Nor is has there ever been an option to enter an unlock code. I presume that was done at the factory, or when /e/ was flashed to the device by Murena.

Edit: Oh wait, I missed a command. ‘fastboot flashing unlock’ gives me a ‘< waiting for any device >’. So, it’s not like I missed much. Yes the USB cable is plugged in.

‘waiting for any device’ means driver not ok, usb port or cable not ok, device in wrong state… Therefore unlocking impossible.

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