How to unzip zip-files

how to unzip a zipfile? I become desperate by trying it with different tools: Squeeze - doesnt work, simple explorer, same thing, I dont know, you get the apps on the fdroid appstore and then they dont work. HM…
Can anybody give me a tip, how to do it?
Best regards, Matthias

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Use Ghost Commander from f-droid


Great! It works perfectly! Thanks a lot!
Best regards, Matthias

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you can do it natively, its a bit cumbersome though and needs a screenshot to explain:

Files can open the listing, but you’ll need to mark all (3-dot-menu upper right), and again using the menu to “extract to…”

I think the shortcoming is that Files is not registered as .zip filetype opener? will check this

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…which is beyond that imho the best mobile file manager!! with two-panels etc.

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