How to update 2021 Teracube 2e phone with e/os to Android 11?


My phone currently has /e/OS version 0.22. I also heard that Android 11 is now available for the 2021 edition of the phone. Should I upgrade /e/OS to 0.23 first? And how should I update the android version from 10 to 11?

Also how can I do a backup of my data on /e/OS?

I’m not a pro in this topic and I didn’t pay attention to my previous version of android before last update, but currently I have /e/ 0.23 with android 11… so MAYBE you simply need to update your /e/…

So I just did the update to 0.23 but I still have android 10. I do have the 2021 version of Teracube and not the newer 2022 version.

I have updated my Teracude 2e (first batch SN 202011T…) from Android 10 to Android 11. The update went very smoothly. No Problem. BUT e/OS/ was of course gone, and Google was fully back…
I decided to go back to /e/ 0.23-q with Android 10. It did work. Back to normal, ungoogled :slight_smile:
Perhaps it will be possible to flash a working /e/ based on Android 11 later on.

What steps need to be taken to do the update from Android 10 to 11 when /e/os is already installed? I don’t see the option from inside /e/OS settings.

First you would need to ensure that Android 11 had been published for your device !

The download links from this page would be a good place to look Install /e/ on a Teracube Teracube 2e (2020) - “2e”.

Today I do not see that Android 11 is available from /e/.