How to update to /e/OS 1

I recently discovered that my Fairphone 3 does not notify me when there is a new version of /e/OS.
The last time I did an update was to update to 0.23 on the 12th of april 2022.
Since then, my update manager tells me that there are no new update available.

I checked the /e/OS repo and found out that there was plenty of updates, but my phone seems to miss every update after /e/OS 1

Here is a screenshot of my update manager:

Do you know what the problem could be here, and how I could install the latest updates?
Thank you!

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It’s because you 're still on Android 9. You can wait for an OS OTA Upgrade (development team is working on this) or manualy upgrade yourself. Check this thread :


Thank you! :slight_smile:
Do you know if it’ll be available directly in my update manager, or if I’ll need to do something manually?

IF there will be an OTA upgrade, it should be available directly in your Update Manager, yes. You might also want to have an eye on Manoj’s weekly topics (like the one MRTN linked to above) to find out if this is imminent. He usually posts these early on mondays.


Just to clarify here: Is that an “if” or a “when”? As I understand it, there will be an OTA upgrade for FP3 but a release is yet to be planned / announced. Or is it still uncertain if this upgrade will be coming at all?

An OTA upgrade from Q to R was pre-announced quite some time before the P to Q upgrade was added to Manoj’s weekly topics’ overview as well, so originally it seemed to me there might be or have been some more obstacles for P → Q compared to Q → R. Right now I am quite certain both will come, but I’m only looking at it from outside.


I have the same issue as the OP.

How do I update manually?

You can upgrade to /e/OS based on a new Android version manually by doing a new install of /e/OS, either using the command line instructions or using the Easy installer, see
Both methods will delete your data and Apps by default, so be prepared.

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This is the latest Post from Manoj: Week 45, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

It looks like the OTA Pie to Q for FP3 is no longer pursued.

Not really an option, then.

Does this mean Fairphone 3 is no longer supported?

Of course it’s still supported, but not on Android 9 anymore.

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But my Fairphone 3 has Android 9.

Will there be no OTA I can use, ever?

I don’t understand the instructions for upgrading manually, nor the instructions for making a backup. I am not stupid, but nor am I a computer programmer. I haven’t found any instructions written for lay-persons.

I have the same issue, I opened a new thread that I’ll close shortly. The problem is there are too many variables and is not explained clearly what do I need to do, or in what order. There are warnins that your phone might brick when moving between versions. Another warning saying you first need to install stock android… Android Q is not even available as a download option… but can I jump two versions in a row? If not OTA updates come I think it at least some proper guidance on this is needed

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The last info I remember is that they wanted to try to incorporate some kind of help concerning this upgrade into the Easy Installer. But no OTA upgrade.

Do you have really important things on the phone? Just saying, it’s a computer device, it can fail you completely at any time. What’s the plan then?

Unfortunately Android isn’t much help with easy local backups, and I don’t use the cloud for backups, so I can’t say much about that, be it Google or Murena. Some pointers …

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