How to update with custom recovery

Well, that def didn’t work. As the subject suggests, whats the method of applying updates while having a custom recovery?
My attempt left me unable to boot into the OS, only back into recovery on my Mi Mix 2…
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Hi @j.son sorry to hear that you lost contact with family over Christmas.

Just to double check we are on the same subject; the OTA updater requires a compatible Recovery.

So you are simply back to manually flashing a fresh ROM when an update is available. To confirm the route to find your ROM.

From Smartphone Selector, look up your device →; turn to:

To install /e/OS on the Mi MIX 2 - “chiron” click here; scroll down to

Downloads for the chiron

/e/OS build : R dev

and then identify a ROM which is an update on your current one.

Then you download and reflash the ROM. You can do a dirty flash, that is you do not wipe your data partition in the process.

Did you do your own initial install? Just checking (as I don’t know what recovery you currently have) is it easy for you to just copy the method you used for the initial install?

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the reply!
I wiped data and found myself able to get into e, and therefor able to make contact.
Although I do seem to be back in android 10. The r build available for dl is still dated 08/31 and there have been at least 3 updates from the updater that is where my failure to reboot arose. So I’ve parked it for the time being.
I was already within the custom roms when I finally noticed that an 11 rom from e was now available, and proceded to fflash thru either twrp or Orange Fox

So, if the current avail dl is not as current as the updates revealed from the updater, how would I apply those updates? Are the updates available for dl just not current as the updates or is the way to apply them thru the updater then wipe prior to rebooting?
thanks again for your reply

I think the first thing to sort out is “Q” or “R”!

As you have mentioned both, I think it most important that you must get to the bottom of this.

R is Beta for/e/. It is advanced in Android version, but do not expect it to be advanced right now in /e/ version. Please don’t think of them as interchangeable! Today, I would regard any R version more as a test. Once R is well up and running, things will change.

Do you think that you are simply being confused by your Updater not informing you of proposed Android version?

In answer to your question, I would expect the Updater to offer exactly the latest /e/ version (of the installed Android version) available to download.

Which Android version would you like to be using, all things considered?

Android R (11) is under testing for chiron, I’m one of the testers.
It shouldn’t be released for public use, neither the updates !
@j.son : didn’t you accidentally enable the staging OTA server in Developer option ?

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Ive been on R, waited as my phone was already running R when I noticed there was an R release from e which I had been eager to try, and adopt the suite of supporting apps to replace g. It’s been about 2 months and have had good results so far. Although I’m accustomed to err, custom roms, starting with the Evo 4g, I’m certainly out of practice.

R beta was my first e os, coming from 18.1 for MicroG. I mention Q as it’s now the OS version reported by my phone. OOhh… ok I see what happened. I did indeed have R beta but the update sent to my phone was 10 QQ3A.200805.001…20211215.164333 dev-keys, dev-release

So when update thru recovery failed and I figured out to wipe data it booted up and the update QQ3A that I updated with prevailed, essentially downgrading.
So i got updates that were not for my android version R, but Q for whatever reason. Does that make sense?
Thats why the latest R-beta is still the one I initially installed from the DL’s

If that were the case it would (imho) be a very serious issue as I mentioned here: Week 50 : Development and Testing Updates - #16 by aibd

Regardless of how the phone is now running Q, the “normal” method to go forward to upgrade to R would be to clean install eOS-r-0.18 manually from freshly installed e-recovery bundled with the OS on the downloads page, carrying out a factory reset/format data in the process.

You shouldn’t get offered any updates in the system updater on eOS-R if you are/were running the 31 Aug build because this is the latest available version for the device. If you did get those Q updates then as aibd says: it is an issue.

It is however confusing in a way that Q is getting all the updates at the moment! The situation should normalise once the R rollout is complete I guess.

Looks like the next update for R will be in January and it will be a jump form the current 0.18-r to version 0.21-r:

Yes - that’s happened to a few people (me included) who were running R builds for testing. For now, I think you just need to be careful: check what Android version Updater is offering, and only install the update if it is for the same Android version as you are running

ok thanks a lot. I’ll go flash the R again and be mindful of what the latest on the DL page is to check that there isnt any new updates for R.
I’ve had a custm recovery prior to e so are you saying its necessary to flash from e.recovery?

Not saying necessary, no. If you particularly want to flash with another recovery that’s up to you but the e-recovery (which is also a custom recovery btw, fork of Lineage) should be ok. Once the os installed it is the same recovery that you will have on device then.

I’ve never used /e/ recovery or Lineage recovery. TWRP works on all of my devices, is a more mature product, and offers functionality (e.g. backup/restore) which - from what I have read - is not available in newer custom recoveries

Could be for OTA updates (to be verified)
using Q or R

Ah, that would make sense. One could keep the e.recovery zip in storage and switch prior to an update I suppose. I’ve really come to like Orange Fox Recovery(based on twrp of course).

Thanks to all that chimed in. I should be good for now.

Again, on my devices, OTA works fine with TWRP

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/e/ simply states that it needs a compatible recovery for OTA; when everything else is ruled out, it will be interesting to learn if Orange Fox might in fact be compatible with OTA.

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