How to use categories in the Notes app? (getting out from Evernote)

Hello. Is there a way to use “categories” in the Android client application? I manage to use them in the web interface (on global) but it seems impossible to categorize a note through the Android app (there’s actually a “category” feature in the “…” menu of a given note, but it seems impossible to validate the category). I would like to use this feature in order to get out from Evernote… categories would be a good substitute from groups of notes offered by Evernote). More globally, are there any new development schedduled? The documentation seems stuck in 2020 when it comes to planned features. Thanks very much for your help, and all this great work.

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If you can’t make it work in the /e/ Notes client app, try installing the NextCloud Notes app from F-Droid. That allows you to specify a category for a note