How to use flashtool on Linux

Hang on a moment , I’m confusing myself here. Trying to hurry. Ignore a previous step

Put the newflasher.x64 file into the firmware folder.

In ubuntu I launch it by opening terminal in the firmware folder and executing ./newflasher.x64

Can’t remember whether it makes a difference to plug phone before or after, but try without first just to see if it launches maybe

If you launch and go, enter ‘n’ to start and again at maybe two more prompts to continue.

Unplug and reboot when prompted after flash

Ok it’s not going to flash my computer if I don’t have my phone plugged ?
I ask this because I flash a HD by mistake not long ago :wink:

Ha ha, I hope not. No seriously don’t enter anything into newflasher unless phone is plugged.
Does the flashmode button combo sound right for your phone?

Probably yes. I didn’t try it yet. I’m not sure I’ll try that tonight.
Thanks a lot for everything

OK, well good luck, hope it all goes well. Remember that there are heaps of info on the links I sent you!

I still have a question though.
In the partition folder do I have to exctract the 3 folders .sin ?

Just one more thing.
Save a copy of the terminal output of the flashing process, just in case of problems. I don’t know an easier way of doing that than a tedious copy, scroll and paste to a .txt file.

And no, leave the sin files intact!

Ok thank you very much

I have just looked back at my notes from when I was first trying to install /e/ on lilac. When I needed to reflash stock Sony Andrid, I was able to download it from here:

I used the Android 9 Build number 47.2.A.11.228

That may save you some time with Xperifirm if you haven’t got it working already

Thanks a lot.
I have the firmware with this number (47.2.A.11.228) but I don’t know how to use flashtool on Linux Mint

Here is the first thing I got with my phone plugged.

        newflasher.x64 v42 by Munjeni @ 2017/2020           

Determining available free space:

Available space to caller = 30526 MB
Total space on current drive = 79071 MB
Free space on drive = 34584 MB

Reboot mode at the end of flashing:
typa ‘a’ for reboot to android, type ‘f’ for reboot to fastboot, type ‘s’ for reboot to same mode, type ‘p’ for poweroff, and press ENTER.

But this is not my phone it describes. I only have 32 GB on my phone. I understand it might be to check if there is enough space on my computer during the flash but I’d like to be sure.

And I read in this (but it’s for windows) that you need to delete all .ta files from the firmware folder. And that the newflasher.x64 needs to be in the folder created from the extraction and not only in the “partition” folder.

What do you think about that ?

I never understood those figures. Gave up on trying to work it out. Were they the same whther or not the phone was plugged? I don’t remeber.

Depends what you are doing. newflasher will try to flash everything in the folder into which you place it. So if you really know your stuff you could just flash certain parts onto your sony. That article is about altering an existing stock image. Whenever I return XA2 to stock I flash everything except persist. Just as munjeni says on his newflasher thread. I have read all of it before and made my own decisions and it works for me a lot easier than flashtool.

It’s difficult to avoid confusion with just the written word to work with.Like I said above: put the newflasher.x64 into the firmware folder along with all the other loose files.

Leave the partition folder as it was when you got it .

To recap, you should have a firmware folder with all the different flashing files in it. At the top of the list should be a boot folder and a partition folder.

Open terminal in the firmware folder and flash. Copy and save output for reference.

Thanks a lot, I was ready to do all this but I found something with my problem at first which was that I couldn’t get signal on /e/. So I fixed it and I didn’t do the newflasher thing. But thanks a lot for everything now if I do need to flash the stock ROM I will know how to do it.
I explained it on [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac) e-0.13-q

Ha ha, the smallest things! Good result. :+1: