How to use my 92go sd card?

Hello all !

So then i have my samsung s7 with /e/OS installed and cool ! So then i have a problem, i would like my sd card to be recognized ? i actually have the internal space memory but only 32go.

Thanx a lot for advices !

regards !

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I don’t know the S7, but if it have an external sd slot you should check at Samsung web page or GSMArena which SD Cards are supported.

Hello harvey186 and thank you for your answer.
I go see this ! thanx a lot.

S7 for sure supports 400 and 512GB cards (and probably as everything supporting SDXC, that is cards over 32GBs, it supports all the way up to 2TiBs). With the official ROM it also supports exFAT but many alternative ROMs don’t because of patent issues (I know they were cleared up recently to some extent but things don’t change overnight). So if it doesn’t work you might try to format it in the phone (I don’t know what that does by default but obviously something supported) or to FAT32 in some other device/computer.

Hello 666 !
Ok i go format under linux in fat 32
I go see this !
thanx !

normally the device will do it when insert the SD first time. You will ask, if you will use it as internal space or for transfer data.

Ok so then my sd card isn’t recognized under linux, no way also with gparted so i think there is a probleme with this sd card and i bought a samsung 64go sd card. I go to receive it under some days and will be back to you to tell you if it works or not :slight_smile: regards to you

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Ok ! the sd card, the new 64go is fine ! Yes excellent bought and now i put my photos in ^^