How to use the 'Gallery' app or a replacement

Hi - I’ve been getting along just fine with /e/ on my Galaxy S9 (came pre-installed) which I’ve now been running for about 6 months. However I’m puzzled by the ‘gallery’ app. I have really tried, but I can’t figure out how to create new galleries and add images to them. Also, I have book covers from my audiobooks which automatically appear in the gallery and I really don’t want them there. If I delete them though, will they also be deleted from the books? I’m beginning to wonder if I need some other gallery type app - any suggestions?

Many thanks

Have you tried the better galler app ‘Simple Gallery’ from f-droid ?

And to get a new ‘Album’ create an new folder in /DCIM folder.

I find camera roll Nice. It has 0 trackers

This app is no longer maintained.

Is that a bad thing? I like it how it is

I just checked simpele gallery. Looks good . ill check that out