How to use the passwordless authentification of ecloud with bromite?

How can one make any use of the passwordless authentifycation offered by the ecloud global? Bromite browser does not support it. At least not on LG G5 (h850). Does the feature works with other devices? Should I report it as an issue?

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I do not see that after I have successfully logged in and saved the password.

In the browser are you aware of this?

Menu (three dots top right) > Settings > Passwords > Save passwords | Auto Sign-in

I agree that it is possible not to be asked for password. I also use the password saving feature. But I am questioning a different feature, which is not supported by the /e/-forked Bromium browser, see screenshots.

I don’t know much, if anything, about passwordless authentication. Searching around I can’t tell how much of that functionality is implemented in Android Chromium. There’s a flag for it, I think, so it can be explicitly enabled.

General overview of WebAuthn (MFA)

In Chromium-based browsers, go to
and search for something like “auth”. Could try enabling the second flag shown in the screenshot. Not sure though.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I was not aware of such options.

Unfortunately, no change in browser behaviour have been detected after the flag #enable-web-authentication-cable-v2-support has been enabled.

Yeah. There was a reddit post about that flag but didn’t get a chance to read it, site kept throwing up popups.
I noticed in the flags’s description it mentioned something about “with Sync enabled”. Unsure of what that means here.
This will take some research.

I’m relatively new to /e/os and while browsing around I came across the same problem of login without password. It seems that you have to log into your /e/ account first:
Once here go to “security” and the section “Authentication without password” (I don’t know if the translation is good, my account is in French).
For the moment I’m blocked at this step (but I think it’s all related to the fingerprint identification, which of course I didn’t do on my phone /e/ for obvious reasons :wink: )

Maybe you can tell me more from where I’m at.

Oh I forgot, on the /e/ browser it doesn’t work, you need a browser like firefox focus or another version.

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Any news on this front?

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I would also be interested to know how to use the passwordless authentication