How to use USB-OTG?

Hallo can anyone tell me where to look for instructions how to use USB-OTG with FP3 using /e/OS 0.19-20211027142972 ?
I’d like to load from or copy to my computer and copy from a camera.

  1. Where can I read about this?
  2. Do I need a special USB cable, other than my charger cable?
  3. My computer uses Linux Mint 19, this shouldn’t be a problem?

What exactly are you trying to do?
Connecting the phone to a computer doesn’t involve USB-OTG, and using USB-OTG compatible devices with the phone’s USB port doesn’t need you to do anything, compatible devices will just work.

Regarding the connection to a computer Fairphone’s support article is generic enough to apply …

The cable needs to support data transfer. There are cables out there only for charging.


Thanks OtherElk! Fairphone’s support article helped with the connection to the computer. Data transfer works.
Only thing is, one has to go through the same routine every time, I just hope I remember!

Neither Camera nor FP3+ recognise each other. I’ll try the camera manufacturer’s App for WiFi data transfer.

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