How to use well ecloud

Hello there,
so I just set up my new phone with /e/, and now I am trying to set up the ecould/ thing. But I can’t really make it work. What are the things I need to install in order to have syncing work well?
For the moment, I opened an and I installed:

*Nextcloud App (is this really necessary?)
and the two don’t really connect to each other, Nextcloud says “no DAV installed”??

The native /e/ Calender and Task app seem to work fine, but native /e/ Nextcloud Notes doesn’t connect.

My contacts are synced as an vcf, but I can’t access them on the nextcloud web interface…

I am thankful for any hints, I hope I described well the problems!

What have you setup at first boot ? If you have added your account everything should work out of the box.
If not, create s new account under ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / '/e/ with your adress.

No need for other apps

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I didn’t setup at the beginning because I didn’t have an account back then.
And when I try to set up an account under “settings”, it says: Es konnte kein CardDav und CalDav gefunden werden" (No CardDav nor CalDav installed). But I installed DAVx5!
Should I reset the phone and set it up with an account from the beginning?

I find the least complicated way is:

  1. Create your /e/ account with a free address and free 5 Gbytes /e/ cloud storage;

  2. Connect to your /e/ account and check that it is working properly;

  3. Start your /e/ phone with a “Factory reset” and immediately set up your /e/ account.

Of course, it should also work without problems if the /e/ account is set up later.

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I the meantime you doe have an account ??

Davx5 you don’t need !!! It’s only for third party cloud sync, like your own nextcloud server.

for ecloud you have to add an account under settings/ '/e/ with

Well, I followed your suggestion and reset my phone in order to install /e/ immediately. It seems to work… but now I have to re-install everything… luckily I didn’t have a lot of personal data!