How to view all installed apps?

Hi e/OS/.

I recently bought a phone with e/OS/ pre-loaded and I’m having the most aggravating problem. The only way to view apps that I have installed is either by finding them on the phone’s desktops or by going into the Settings → Apps & Notifications. There is no list to just view all installed apps. The apps on the desktop aren’t in an ordered list.

I’ve made a video showing what I mean. e/OS/ app list? - YouTube

How do I view all installed apps as I can do on the Nokia by just pulling up from the bottom? How do I place apps on a specific location on the desktop on e/OS/ (right now apps HAVE TO be placed in order of left->right, top->bottom) as I can do on the Nokia?

You are talking about Bliss Launcher which is exclusive to eOS and it doesn’t have an app drawer like most other android launchers.

Simply install other launchers and try them until you find the one that suits your needs.

For more information here on the forum use the search bar at the top of the screen, type ‘launcher’ and select enter to see results.

Also try search term ‘desktop screen’ to see a post you might like that has lots of screenshots from other users.

Best tip is just to try a launcher and fiddle with its settings .

Remember to set a new launcher as the default ‘home app’ otherwis it keeps dropping out. Go to device settings and enter ‘hom’ in the search bar to find.


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Ah, so “launcher” / “app drawer” was the word I was looking for. Thanks a lot, you’ve saved me a massive headache!

I think something is wrong. Every installed app should be visible in the launcher after installation. There is no hidden menu with all apps. Additional “desktop” screens on right side will be created if necessary.
Maybe this failed.

Try to move one app to a new screen to the ride side. May this triggers something.

Is there a ota update available? Or did you already reboot the phone?
Bliss launcher has almost no features.

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@inubu Thank you for the response! I’ve learned what a “launcher” is and that e/OS/ doesn’t use the same one as what I thought was part of stock-android.

To answer your comment, there actually are a few apps that don’t show up on the desktop after installed, but are visible in the Settings → Applications, for example SimpleRT (link below).

Just installed this app on my phone. It don’t show up like you said.
If I swipe down and search, it’s also not found.
This app seams to have no gui. It can’t be opened via App-Info.
I just connected my phone via usb to my laptop. Switch off all connections on my phone. Choosed USB-Tethering in the usb-settings.
And I browse in the net. It works.
Edit: No, I don’t know. Now it’s not working.
Ah, I read the github page. There has to be a script running on the laptop as well. And there is an app icon in the repo.

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