How to wipe cache partition in /e/ Recovery?

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with /e/OS for about six months. It was a great experience until a bit more than a month ago, when my phone started to turn off or restart randomly, notably when it is in my pocket. If it stays still on a table, it will work fine, but walking 10 meters in my pocket and it will reboot. I have already requested help here, but got no resolving answer so far.

Among the things that I am told to try is to wipe the cache partition, but I have failed to perform this operation so far. I have found tutorials to wipe the cache partition for TWRP, but none for /e/ Recovery. I have tried to explore myself the /e/ Recovery, but I am a bit scared of making a mistake and deleting too much.

Any help welcome!

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This question has been asked and, I think, unanswered before! I installed it to find out. It seems the functions are indeed limited.

I see few options within the menus.
Advanced provides a second menu and a back button.

Apply update provides the route to the navigate /select file tool and adb sideload.

All other selections seem to go to the action without further notice in /e/ Recovery 1.4.

I am sorry that my suggestion to wipe the cache partition is not possible with an /e/ Recovery.

Wiping cache is useless and has been for years.

This isn’t the days of Android 4.

/cache literally isn’t used by the system or apps.

Interesting, thanks ! :slight_smile:
What about Dalvik ?

Thank you all for your answers!