How to work with TWRP out of an recovery-e-image to install /e/ on BQ Aquaris X Pro?

According to documentation to install /e/ on BQ Aquaris X Pro [] I flashed recovery-e-1.11-r-20230512289175-dev-bardockpro.img. After booting into recovery mode the documentation tells you to work with TWRP. But there is no TWRP. So I don’t know what to do: To work with TWRT as recovery instead or to work with the /e/ recovery image? And if second, what to do in this recovery instead?

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I guess there is a typo in the install doc of the “Pro” device. If you take a look into the other BQ device install doc, there seems to be no /e/ recovery, only TWRP: (Section: Downloads for bardock - Custom Recovery). So one of them uses TWRP, the other one has an available /e/-recovery.

If you see the /e/-recovery after booting into recovery mode you can surely go on with installing /e/.

For example these are the following steps in the xiaomi ginkgo/apollon /e/ install-doc (and from some other devices too) after flashing /e/-recovery and preparing for installation of /e/:

On /e/OS Recovery main screen:

  1. Select Factory reset
  2. Select Format data / Factory reset option
  3. Next screen will display a warning that this action cannot be undone
  4. Select Format data to proceed or Cancel if you want to go back
  5. If you selected Format data, the format process will complete

6.Tip:* You will see text in small font on the lower left side of the screen mentioning format progress

The small font text would be similar to this

 Wiping data
 Data wipe complete
  1. Display will now return to the Factory Reset screen

After these steps the flashing of /e/ via adb sideload is following.

TWRP and /e/Recovery are both Custom recoveries. TWRP may have some advanced features, but I am almost certain none are used at “regular install time”.

The more recently released and more simple /e/Recovery has been adopted as the preferred Recovery.

The wording on your install page seems only “half changed” from the old TWRP wording.

If you can try to imagine every incidence of TWRP replaced by /e/Recovery you will be going in the right direction.

You have done the hardest part,
you can go directly to step (8) or (9)

Thanks everybody for your helping hints. But: It seems I bricked the BQ :frowning:
Before LOS 18/Android 11 was installed on the BQ. For a while it seemed that the development of LOS was stopped for the BQ. As I want(ed) to donate the phone to a project that assists pour people in Africa I wanted to re-install the BQ (to much modification for a usual user). As I work with /e/ on my current phone I started with the installation of /e/ (Android 11/R Beta) and had to stopp to ask how to go on concerning TWRP.
Then I found out that the development of LOS for the BQ went on, Android 13 available for the BQ and thought: why not?
Everything worked OK and at the end of the installation I thought: relock it like your /e/-phone to avoid the messages while starting. Did it and that’s it: The phone is totally dead :frowning:
If somebody has an idea to make it work again: I’m up for it!

BQ cannot be relocked using /e/

[LIST] Devices where bootloader can be relocked

I have not read the whole of this thread

With some (extensive) further reading to establish exactly how to use Qualcomm Flash Image Loader maybe you could find a way.

Thanks for the hint.

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