How usable are outdated linux roms

Not only for /e but linux roms in general. I want to get a pixel 3 which is barely supported right now (only extended supports) and i don’t know if some features will still be well available whether it’s related to push notifications and app installations once it gets no longer supported.

I can’t say for eOS (others may) but for Linux-roms you may check in at the specific forums and websites to find out about the current (and future) working/supported features of that specific device.

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Clarification needed:
Are you referring to Android Custom ROMs such as /e/OS, LineageOS etc. (as Android OSes use a Linux kernel), or are you referring to Linux OSes on smartphones such as Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS etc.?

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i am referring to custom roms only

Both /e/OS and LineageOS for microG have up-to-date builds for this device.LOS for microG even has Android 13 / T builds. Both ROMs fully support this device, including push notifications and installing apps.

/e/OS builds are here
LOS for microG builds are here


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