How will Discontinuing the SafetyNet Attestation API & new Play Integrity API effect to /e/ OS & Custom ROMs in general?

How will following effect banking apps (which some of finally works) on /e/ OS or custom ROMs in generally?

As we move to further improve the portfolio of anti-abuse solutions, we plan to gradually turn down the SafetyNet Attestation API starting in June 2023. The timeline should give you enough time to migrate to the new Play Integrity API and avoid disruptions to your business.

By quick glance it seems like there will be hard times ahead, or at lleast restart of mouse-cat game…

Apparently for Universal SafetyNet Fix there seemst to be some work done for it… But will this help with /e/ OS? Curretly I’m using ih8sn myself, like in my inderstanding that has setted up for phones buyed with preinstalled /e/ OS from Murena.

I hope this won’t end up being constantly fight to get those apps working & more & more banking apps to stop working after update etc.

Or will microG made changes to support Play Integrity API instead of SafetyNet when time comes and if so, will now working solution with ih8sn still work? I admit, I did just quick glance related to this from microG or ih8sn, but seems like not much info to be sure of yet… But still no good news either…

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