[HOWTO] Be part of /e/

There are many ways, both direct and indirect, to contribute to /e/:

  • are you a developer ? We’re looking for many talented volunteers! Please check our GitLab repository and have a look at projects that most need contributors. You can also become a ROM maintainer. Feel free to contact us!

  • right now as a developer, you can already contribute to the microG project. microG is a 100% open-source alternative to Google Services and is key for the success of /e/.

  • do you feel confident as a translator ? we often need good translators to release content in various languages. You could for instance help this website to be available in your language!

  • are you a writer ? we welcome contributions, especially about the our biggest subject: user data privacy.

  • do you like sharing content with your friends, family, and social networks? talk about /e/! Generating more exposure for /e/and attracting new users is a great way to contribute.

  • not one of these kind of contributors? contribute money ! At the moment, /e/ relies 100% on individuals donating. We did a great crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter but you can still donate!

Contact @join for proposal to join /e/ project
Contact @donation about crowdfunding and donations.


If you’re not a developer you can contribute data to one of the location databases microG uses. E.g. with Mozilla Stumbler.

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How to contribute as a translator?

Hi @Haknor, thanks for volunteering to assist as a translator. Which language are you looking to translate in. Let me know and I will pass on the details to the team.
You can also send a mail to contact@e.email . More details are available on how all you can contribute here

I’d like to translate to Portuguese. Thanks, I’ll check out the link you’ve provided.