[HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

Android 9 firmware does not exist for redmi note 9s. i will wain until e rom support Lineage 17. Thanks you very much

AH, OK, that’s bad. But if you want swap from MIUI there is a LOS17 GSI available

i want try e Rom because i dont want use google services. I would like to be a redmi note 9s E Rom maintainer if i build for this device. I’ve been looking for a long time for a rom like this

@andrelam am I right, the script isn’t working anymore because of changed docker command / image?
If yes, could you please update the post?

No, script from github works, only OTA is not working. I have a fix for that, but did not push to github.

Where can I find the script on github?

here I’m planning do push an update today to fix OTA url, if you don’t have custom OTA server you can use the script as-is.

Thanks. I’ve pulled the latest version. When I build I get the error reported in this post

Any idea how to fix?

I’ve just seen this commit
I’m running the previous version - is it likely to fail because it doesn’t have the changes? It didn’t seem to mind having export DEVICE... rather than export DEVICE_LIST...

No, they both work. If you don’t use OTA you can use the master branch as well.

as far as I know the ‘latest’ isn’t working anymore. Best using ‘community’

How calls to /e/ OTA server infrastructure should be removed for custom/unofficial builds ?
Is export OTA_URL=’’ in the build script doing it ?

I don’t know what happens when you pass an empty string, i never checked because i use a custom OTA.

@andrelam are you able to show how to set up an ota URL. I have searched without success

You install this on your server (you can skip the docker stuff if you want). Then you set the URL: https://yoururlxyz.org/api. I got trouble using php 7.4, so I guess it’s better to use older version, 5.6.

Thanks for that @andrelam

Hey Nikoleos. Nice that you own the pretty xiaomi davinci.

Do you have any progress?

Which branch of the builde.sh script should I use: master or community? Thanks

You can use master, community is not up to date.

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There are two ways to extract the proprietary vendor files:

  1. Extract from an existing LineageOS ROM - see this guide on the LineageOS website
  2. Extract from a device, running either a Stock ROM, or a custom ROM