[HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

This is my roomservice.xml:

And your sources have ‘lineage-16.0’ as default branch? ?

Your default branch on github is lineage17.1, specify revision="lineage-16.0" or make lineage-16.0 default on github.

I don’t know if it matters, but shouldn’t “redmi” in paths be “xiaomi” ?

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why lineage 16? i use lineage 15.1 like tutorial. This is my roomservice.xml now:

Thanks everyone for the help and patience

16.0 is Pie, 15.1 Oreo. Just don’t use 17.1.

So the roomservice is correct now? Because the console launch the same error

are the sources synced ?? Do you have your device / kernel / vendor files in srv/e/src/PIE available ??

DEVICE_PATH := device/redmi/curtana is in BoardConfig.mk, so your manifast must store in that dir.

the /srv/e folders does not exits, but i found it in another path:
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if the sources are not synced, how can i sync?

yes, i believe it is in the dirls

Did you change the manifest back to “redmi”, maybe the “old” lineage-17.1 is still there.

Nope, i set lineague 15.1 as default branch in my repo

what do you have in device path, it should be redmi.

its redmi:

Are all these sourced in your Oreo folder available?

By he way, the builde.sh script isn’t working anymore on my side. And since all sources are available in e-git you can use this way too [HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast -- now with interactive script

I prefer using this way.
Starting in OREO folder with

sudo su
source build/envsetup.sh

And I hope, your sources are really 15.1 sources, because the sources you have forked from are all 17.1 sources

Okay thanks. The redmi note 9s launched from the factory with android 10 and cannot be downgraded. So we’ll have to wait. Anyway thank you all so much because i learned a lot today

Why, I have gotten a Mi Max 3 from factory with android 10. I have first flashed Android pie stock rom and than the e-GSI pie. And it works very good (just typing on than device)

Really? Well the branch that I have fork does not have lineage 16, and I cannot create a device tree with lineage because i dont know to do it… I am noob. I will have to learn how to do it this week

Ok, have a look on xiaomi firmware updater website for android 9 firmware.

If available flash it and than try this way [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ GSI for Mi MaX3 (nitrogen)