[HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices

If you can enable Android debugging and rooted debugging in the Developer Settings, then the method described here may work

To enable the Developer Settings, go to ‘Settings > About Phone’ and tap seven times on the `Build number’ field

It seems that there is an Android 9 / PIe GSI (Generic System Image) that works on this device - see this thread on XDA Forums. It looks like most things work on it.

According to that thread, it needs to be flashed on top of an earlier Lineage 15 / oreo GSI although this other article about installing it seems to imply that is not necessary.

I have no useful experience with GSIs, but search in these forums to find out more. If those Lineage GSIs work on your device, then it should be possible to build an /e/ GSI. But I would definitely start with the Lineage GSI.

Good luck!

I’m sorry I don’t know. I followed those steps for a different device just by changing the name, but the device was already running a Lineage ROM and I already had the build environment set up.

I’m afraid I am out of ideas, except to find out more about GSIs - not from me I don’t now anything much about GSIs - and maybe go that route

Hi @harvey186 I intent to build also for my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 in order to keep this device as backup device. I would like to ask you have you succeeded and if you did could you share your resources :slight_smile:

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Have a look at :

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Hi @piero ,
Thank you very much, I am looking these topics also old build links are dead but I will try to build myself. Thanks.

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