[HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast -- now with interactive script

No build error.? Crazy

You are using 1312.sh? ?
Signature spoofing = No?
All others = Y

This signature spoofing could be the issue

Or do you use 161.sh?

For the first time, no error at all from the beginning to the end. (4h of sync + 13h of build process)

I use 161.sh

But the script doesn’t work in WSL, so I have to write manually every command that are in the 161.sh file.

I’m sure it’s not a problem because when I was building in a virtual machine with the script working, the final build wasn’t booting, it was the same problem.

The only thing I changed compared to you is the CCACHE size from 100 to 50.

OK, I’m using for building only repo sync and

source build/envsetup.sh
export USE_CCACHE=1
export CCACHE_SIZE=100G
brunch mido

But that should not be the issue

Sorry, I cannot figure out how to write the roomservice.xml file for my brand new motorola moto g7 plus (lake):


can you help me?

First one other question:
Am I right, that it is shipped with Android pie or q? I think it’s a treble supported device. That means you can use the eOS Pie GSI.

oy, oy, oy!
It’s really ‘brand new’ for me. Just took the ‘best’ quality/price ratio from the list of the LOS official supported devices… thougth was simple to compile…

thank, you.

PS: I know is
Android 9 Pie…

I realize too late… I did a terribli wrong choice: motorola moto g7 plus is not even supported by lineageos+mocrog.
So my option are:

  1. use google (stock or lineageos, still google services)
  2. re-sell the phone (unused)

thank you any way

@harvey186 I see a lot of people struggle with this, like we did ages ago :wink: Would it be an idea to create a gitlab repo where people can download manifests for unsupported devices?

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Hi @andrelam, Yes, I think it’s a good idea. Or we can use a ecloud folder where all people could upload there manifests. Let me check what’s the easiest way is.

I found sources here now find a way to make the correct manifest.

Also maybe you or @harvey186 can add a small HOWTO post on how to create a manifest with custom device trees.

no need for sell. What’s about the GSI solution or building with the sources andre has pointed to ?

Oh,thank you so much.
may be I’m able to do it by myself… but I need some direction-



Indeed a precise and detailed HOWTO (made for people with 0 knowledge on github, vendor, tree, etc) would be a good thing to fully complete my HOWTO Build easily on Windows/Linux that I started to write yesterday for newbie.

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I think that’s really difficult. I don’t dare to write such a HowTo. Sorry. IT’s a little like writing a How To riding a bike :frowning:

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I have three independant questions please (to whoever can answer them) :

  1. Is the JAVA line between the “source build/???.sh” and “breakfast” commands needed ? I don’t see it in the build for LineageOS page instruction.

  2. In case I want to build for a LineageOS supported device with this method, do I still need a roomservice file or is there a simple/automated process ?

  3. What is the lineage_ota zip file coming next to the final build ? It has the same size than the unofficial build.


  1. from which script are you talking ?? in my 161.sh or 1312.sh there is no JAVA line ?

  2. I must confess, I’ve never done this before. But I think at least you must have the vendor sources. All other will automatically downloaded when using ‘breakfast’ or ‘brunch’
    EDIT: I have just tried. I have synced the sources without any roomservice. Than I have copied my vnatrium vendor sources in the /vendor/xiaomi folder and started with ‘brunch natrium’ and … viola all needed sources are downloaded automatically :slight_smile:

  3. It complete the same as the ‘normal’ zip file. But if you are using a OTA server, this file will be used for the OTA

by the way, here is a good sample roomservice.xml as a sample

there is not even a comment!
no way, no problem. I told you.
It was may fault: I should have searched for an already supported phone.
I’ll try to sell my phone to someone who can use it in its full potentials.

Still there is a huge general problem here, I’d say a NO GO. If someone wants to install /e/ has just 3 options:

  • buy a phone ‘pre-istalled’: not so many, and none ‘cheap’ (as absolute value)
  • choose between the official supported one: they are 92 right, but, how many of them are ‘recent’ models? And if someone want to by anyway one of those, because he doesn’t have one to use, she or he has to pay as much as for a recent one!
  • and, dulcis in fundo, if someone wants to build by her/himself: that’s simpli not documented, so impossible even if she/he has no problem with bulding/versioning tools.

really, not a good deal!