[HowTo] built GSI


  • Thanks to Phh and PhieF for patches and build scripts

Please read carefully !

  • The original build script from PhieF includes a defaut device encryption without password. So there is noway to get access to your data via TWRP. I have removed this in my built script.
  • The original build script from PhieF includes also rooting the device by default. Because a ‚normal‘ user don‘t need root and a lot of banking apps wont work on rooted devices I have removed root.
  • The original build script from PhieF builts the full set of 6 different GSI. I have changed to 1 GSI. Between line 119 til 124 of buildbot_treble.sh you can decide which GSI type you want to build. Therefore you have to stop the build script after repo sync.
  • The patches / additional sources from Phh do have a mistake. So I have created a fork of the Samsung drivers which are incl. in the manifest.xml

The building itself is very easy. Start my built script and after some hours you will have your GSI image in out folder

My script you can download here:

if you want better use original script with default encryption and SuperSU you should change line 5 in my script to:
git clone https://github.com/phief/e_gsi_localmanifest .repo/local_manifests


Hi there!

First, thank you for your effort for creating and compiling this scripts!
I have tried (Ubuntu 20.04) to create GSI build from this script for 5-6 times but every time my build process fails with (more or less) this errors:

hi, I’m not sure because as I have written, all theses scripts and patches are from others. But I have had also a lot of crazy errors when using a linux with python3 and Ubuntu 20 has python3.

So better to downgrade python or lot better to downgrade to ubuntu 18.04 LTS and trying once more. I hope it will run than without errors.

but wait, it could also be an unix issue. try first
unix2dos gsi.sh

and start once more

Actually, i saw your post somewere about Linux Mint so i think i’ll better create Mint 19.3 VM and try with that.
Thanks for the your help and the info!

Yes, I’m building with Mint 19.3