/e/OS R / S / T Generic System Image (GSI) Builder wanted

The GSI Open Source project is supported by excellent GSI developers and GSI builders. From GSI-Q to GSI-T, numerous GSImages are available:
:arrow_upper_right: Generic System Image (GSI) list

The /e/OS-Q GSI is the only current GSI based on Android 10 - unfortunately only with Android Security Patch Level February 2023, but it works very well and can be used effectively especially on older devices.

GSI’s based on Android 11 ‘R’, A12 ‘S’ and A13 ‘T’ are unfortunately built in the vast majority by the GSI builders with integrated Google Mobile Services and GApps or as ‘vanilla’ version without signature spoofing support. Therefore, /e/OS GSI versions ‘R’ + ‘S’ + ‘T’ would be particularly valuable, because it could largely free very many newer devices that are shipped from stock Android 11 onwards from the ‘Google Ghost’.

I support every GSI builder to the best of my ability and like to test their builds on smartphones and tablets multiple times. Let’s get it done, now please!

:arrow_upper_right: [HOWTO] Built a Pie-GSI

:arrow_upper_right: Building GSI Image (/e/ Android 10) - Here is the tutorial

:arrow_upper_right: How to build a GSI? [LineageOS 19.1] by @phhusson

:arrow_upper_right: To get started with building ArrowOS GSI [AOSP 13] by @NazimN

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